Thiha Saga 101 : Chapter (11) – It is not bad that having old friends who never change


“Mukashi no Yuujin ga Kawarazu ni iru Toiu no mo Waruku nai Mono da na”

“It is not bad that having old friends who never change”

One of my favorite soundtrack from Gintama. The name and the melody in that soundtrack is really sorrowful and pleasant. It is not bad that having old friends who never change. Same feeling to me. People I know from 17 to till now are unstable. They come, they left and sometimes they hurt you. But not everyone are bad people.



My dear Myself,

It is from the future. It’s been four years and three months that I left the whole country. I have been to Singapore. Stayed there for two years and now I am in Hanoi. I didn’t get a chance to meet with her again. People outsider are different. They are 0% trustworthy. I got enough money to invest a small business in the home. With my current experiences and skills, my investment wouldn’t be a waste. I am still a young man in people’s talk but I feel I am weary. Even my breath is full of weight. As long as the contract is over, I will be back. I will start a little cafe and business start up. Mom and dad are waiting for me. Everyone is waiting for me. It is good to see people from my old memory who never change upon me. I am 24 now. Hanoi is really beautiful if you are wishing to know how it looks like.


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