Thiha Saga 101 : Chapter (10) – Utopia Realm

“The world  my people see is totally different different from your people. No one wrong. Both are good. But I choose to walk on my own where there are lots of things I can have which is totally worth to embed my life in my path.”

I talk to my mom but not to my dad because we have some issues (I know I will get a punch or he will stop supporting my life). I seek for the risky life with success in the end. They show me the peaceful life. Well, I am an adult. I know both are good. Both are like spaghetti and sushi. I like both. But after taking risks and challenges, I feel what is success. Success is not a thing what everyone do.

After graduated, I wake up at 8:00. Go to work. Do same things everyday. Come back home. Feed my kitty cats. I fear that kind of life. It is like a failure to me if I become like that.

Life is expensive. Living is expensive. It is like a survival. You work or you die. How to break the rule? The only solution that came to my mind is don’t do what other people like you always do. Be innovate. Be logical. Be think out of the box. Become an Entrepreneur. I have lots of failures this years. This failures become a strength to be. I take another risk and I learn something from it. I am still 19. I know I am not a failure to my life. So, I will take more risks. This is how I enjoy life in my adulthood and college day. Failures and successes are like my left arm and right arm. This is the yolk of life. The best part of life for me. Once you enjoy the failures and successes, you are sort of mature.

My world is like a dark realm. But after facing the dark realm, I know I will find utopia realm. But now I am weary. I am not disappointed to my weary life because there is an utopia realm waiting for me in the future.






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