Thiha Saga 101: Chapter (16) – Rival

There is a man. A young man to be specific. This young man has no rival. His only rival was, he himself. A sweet rival coated with sugar. I am able to beat him everyday. A better high score than yesterday.

There is a cloud. A cloud is forming. A terror rises. Only he can see the cloud because he is standing in her world for a while. A big cloud. I can’t know whether it is good or bad for her because I still need to learn a lot from her.

The cloud doesn’t know me too. Only I know this is leading me to corrupt from her world. My eyes wet. But didn’t cry because strong man can’t cry.

Young man can’t beat. Young man is leading to corruption. Young man try harder. Young man should let it go. What would young man do?

(1) Back off for his good sake

(2) Face the people with his power

(3) Stay alone in realm

Jesus Christ

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