Thiha Saga 101: Chapter (15) – Kärlek

After broken into pieces more than one time, 4 times to be exact, I realized love is not my thing to catch up. I’m not a good person to be someone’s boyfriend. I learned that I am good to everyone doesn’t make her fall in love with me. Love is complicated. My love for her is to see her happiness. If she is being happy with someone else, I’m okay. My life is rough, weary, uncertain future and complicated. I don’t want to see her sadness after she came to my life. But, I love her.

I decided to work harder to forget her. She came into my head every time I take a break from my work. Her voice, her smile, her soft hand, her…her… Everything that relate to her come into my head. 

Let me be a emo kid for a minute. She is my princess. I’m not a prince but a wizard. Wizards never end with happily ever after in fairy tales. Who is the prince? When she found her prince, I’m sure she’d be happy. And her happiness makes me happy behind the play screen.

(Kärlek = Love in Swedish)

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