Thiha Saga 101 : Chapter (14) -Ande (Working Title)

I woke up from a strange sleeping. I got a strange feeling. There is something wrong with me. I have no hunger and thirst. I lost feelings except my mindset. I can’t remember what happened. Who am I? Who else am I? I close my eyes and think harder. There is only three things I can remember. A quote and two names.

A quote sounds like this – “Don’t bury me. It would be boring if there is a death has mind closed in a coffin. Turn me into ashes and plant an oak using my ash. I want to see the world again.”

Pretty sure I am death. I can see the big oak. I have slept many years for sure. I try to extend my hands. Nothing appear. I realized I am in spirit form. I have no body but only mindset floating in space.

Two names. Who are they? The first name sounds like Tebrot. It is a guy’s name. The other. The other name is Umy. It is a name for girl. Who are they again? Why are they so familiar to me?

I know everything. Words, languages, countries and religion. But I can’t remember who am I. I can’t remember I was a guy or a girl. I take a deep breath and think again. I am not old. I died in my younger days. 20 or 21.

Instead of thinking. I decided to move on. I am floating. Floating around the big oak. The oak. It is really big. But it got no leaves now. The sun rises now. I think it is time to begin everything from zero. I am in Amnesia….

This is fiction will be published on new blog. Stay tune.

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