Thiha Saga 101 : Chapter (14) – My Codes So Far Part(1)

I am not pleased. Pleased or unhappy? I am confused anyway. I have none. Nothing in my hand. Things in my hands are like things beyond Universe.

Love is not a cheap thing you can buy from convenient store. I mean the true love. True love, this is what people love to have for eternity. Everything that started has ending. I seek for eternity true love and become an owner of the lonely heart.

Success is hard unless it is from your pop or mum. I choose to get my own success and it is really really hard. It is vital. It is bloody. It has no ending. After one to many, it still has no ending.

It is sad. Sad because I don’t get the love from the one I really love after many years. People told me you can cry on this situation. My tears won’t shed. I am a strong man. Instead of thinking about shedding tears, I make more stronger decisions for my life in order to get a second chance. Jesus, this is hard.

Cheap life. Well I shouldn’t pair life with cheap. Every life is important. But to be honest, I don’t want a cheap life. Cheap life means cheap. You have nothing to do in life. No productivity. Work hard. Smile at your earnings even thought they are not enough for your bills.

Good old days? Every last year is a good old day. I think about last year was good old days every year. It means I have faced events which change me a lot. Freaking a lot.




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