Thiha Saga 101 : Chapter (7) – The Room With Less Worry

My classroom during High School days. My place is “Left-side-third-row”. Yeap, I sit alone. Don’t impress me becasue you saw a bunch of books. It is just a mess. I am not a hyper or some study kid during high school. It is just a bunch of books beside me. I didn’t study very much during high school because I found it really boring(yeap) . There were not so many people in my classroom. Many Chinese, Kachin and Shan friends were from this class. I was able to speak a little Chinese and Kachin since I am the only pure Myanmar there lol.

According to the Photo meta data, the photo was taken at ‎October ‎19, ‎2013, ‏‎6:32:06 PM. Almost three years ago but same feeling whenever I vist to my hostel





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