Thiha Saga 101 : Chapter (6) – The Loop

I was watching you behind the screen.
>I don’t mind other guys approach to you since they are better than me at everything.
>I am happy since you are happy with another who is better than me a lot, maybe the best in your eyes.
>Saw you are not with him anymore and I am sad as you do because you are not happy about this.
>And then I start watching another one like you behind the screen.

>Didn’t see you for a year.

>Now, your existence determined in opacity level is almost transparent.

>I think my promise wasn’t strong enough.
>I am lonely again, for now.
>And I am depress whenever I think there is only a tiny chance to near with you.
>I can’t cry.
>I know that doesn’t mean I am strong.
>I am a weakling.
>Tears don’t come out because cowards don’t dare to show his tears.
>I wish luck strike me really hard. Really Really Hard.

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