Draining Happiness

“Lately , I’ve been losing sleep. Dreaming about the things that we could be.”

Yes, it is a song. Counting stars by one republic.

Well, my happiness is draining since last two month.

Why? Here are some proper reasons !

My student life is almost over

Yea, it is going to be over next year. I am a graduated student. Kinda sad that 3 years has passed so quickly. I feel sorry for my friends for being with them. 😦

I am so young when I graduated

I will be 19 when I finally graduated. Yea, 19. Many of my friends are still in their universities. And, here I am, finally graduated. Well, it is kinda good for me anyway such as working in abroad early.

I will not be in Myanmar

So sad. I can’t guess how many years I will be far away from this land. a year? 5 years? a decade? All my current plans end in foreign countries. I have no plans to return Myanmar. I hope I will get a better position in Myanmar so I can come back and live with my family. I always want to end like that.

My filthy love life

No one love me. Well, at least I have someone I love. It is hard to meet with her tho. It is really hard to build a relationship with her. I am dying whenever I think about my love life. Better not think more about it hue.


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