Tears of a Rōnin

There are times I feel regret for something. It is about my college life. I got a strong spirit to learn programming since the first day of my college student life. Well, there were two choices for me. Become a good developer or become a good student (a student with Good GPA). I choose to become a good developer since it was my dream from my childhood. And then, I don’t study much about school modules when I learn about programming and other relate stuff from the Internet ( school sucks. I decided to study outside). I even gave up social life. I didn’t fail any exams but my GPA of my first diploma is kinda ugly. It is an average. I can’t apply anything for abroad study. But in other hand, I become what I want. But this thing become a boredom for me. I want to study abroad with scholarship what smart people do. Well, I am thinking to code less when my final year start in order to get a chance to study in [][][][] [][][][][]. I need a good GPA for this. I need to sacrifice for a year to get into a better place. I have already spent two years for my dream but this time is for my entire life. Is it already a time to give up my coding nerd life? Who knows?



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