My Life As a Weeaboo

My life as a weeaboo

Sometimes, normal life makes me boring. I hate daily life cycle. I want my life as a great line. Not a cycle. I hate being in daily life cycle. It is pointless. Maybe, one of the reason I am not being in relationship is that I am avoiding those normal life. So, what I want? what I need? I want an adventure. I want to face the challenges to save the world or part of something and write the Adventures of Thiha books. There will be many volumes as I challenged so far. I become like this because I watch too much TV series, anime and play video games like I always do. Seeing a floating island and take down the bad people to save the world. Go to Skellige and hunt down the bandits and kill the orgs.

If I write books, I would name them Thiha and the Mystery of Timmeratual land or Thiha: The last hope. Well… even my love is in far away from. I am trying to get to her region. That is so called adventure for now. Saving money and take a tour to her place as a tourist. That is the biggest Adventure I can go on in this world. This is so called life I always want to be in. I am coming to you.

The Photo is from The Witcher 3: Wild Huntopenworld-places-3-0

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